Kacey Ellsworth – Executive Director
607-724-5153 ext. 302

Kacey Ellsworth is a nonprofit advocate who is committed to building the capacity of ACCORD, A Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc. within Broome and Tioga Counties. She works to strengthen this nonprofit organization by developing programs, trainings, and resources that best assist our community members in the discovery of peaceful resolutions through open communication. She utilizes a diverse range of approaches to the work of ACCORD, drawing on the latest research, organizational theory, and nonprofit educational models.

Kacey began her work with ACCORD in 2001 and became the Executive Director 14 years into her journey with the organization. Kacey graduated with a Social Work and Business Degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene College in Ohio. After completing her education, Kacey committed herself to improving the human condition through extensive program and resource development, empowerment, and positive communication. She subsequently practiced her abilities to resolve conflict and navigate transition. Since then she has helped numerous individuals with their most pressing challenges.

She has made it her personal and professional mission to successfully chart the organization’s future course and provide a better tomorrow for children, individuals, and organizations. Kacey has been quoted, “For myself and ACCORD, in general, it’s about promoting safety and peace in the community – one child, one person, one family, one group, or one business at a time.”

Moira Osorio – Program Specialist/Tioga County Coordinator

Moira Osorio, aka MO, has a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution from Portland State University, and a BS in Theatre Arts. After spending ten years in theatre she decided to make a career change and follow her passion for helping people learn to communicate with one another more effectively. She is the Tioga County ACCORD Mediation Coordinator, a Court Certified Mediator, Certified NYS Divorce Mediator, and also has worked as a volunteer mediator in community, small claims court, and interpersonal mediation for the last several years.

She loves assisting people in how to recognize the way others respond to conflict and how to use positive communication skills to strengthen relationships. Her hobbies/passions are yoga, prayer/meditation, biking, skiing, dancing, butchering karaoke songs, and she has a weakness for good chocolate and Italian wine. Taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually is essential to a well-balanced and happy life, and her philosophy is if we know how to make ourselves happy, we are more likely able to share in someone else’s happiness.

Debbie Wahl – Presumptive Program Coordinator

Debbie Wahl, a denizen of Binghamton, New York started working for ACCORD, A Center for Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. in May of 2005. Since then, she has been a Program Coordinator and handles all Small Claims cases. She is also the Volunteer Coordinator offering her wealth of knowledge to new and existing ACCORD Mediators.

In addition, Debbie serves as the Divorce Intake Specialist as she possesses excellent communication skills surrounding the sensitive nature of such support services. Debbie, a doting mother of two, spends her down time in the woods. She loves spending time with her husband of thirty years and is a self-proclaimed outdoorswoman while taking the time to enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, and traveling the local country sides.

Lindsay Tremain – Special Projects Coordinator
607-724-5153  ext. 307

Lindsay spent most of her career in higher education, at SUNY Broome and at Binghamton University, as Staff Associate, Assistant Dean and Student Advocate. She earned BS and MA degrees from Binghamton while working as a paralegal, a combination of education and experience she believes complements ACCORD’s staff of dedicated professionals. As Special Projects Coordinator she manages the VESID, Lemon Law, Assisted Senior Communication, Special Education, Divorce and Division of Property programs.

Lindsay grew up on a small farm near Roscoe, NY (Trout Town, USA), so she is far too familiar with rural life, fishing, hunting and the like. Perhaps for that reason her idea of a perfect vacation isn’t hiking or fishing, but a 5-star hotel in London or Paris.

Kaila Womack - Program Coordinator
Kaila Womack is an Ostego County native, born in Cooperstown, NY. She moved to Broome County in 2010 where she attended Johnson City High School. After graduating in 2012, she took her love for people and health to pursue a degree in health sciences and human services at SUNY Broome. Halfway through her career Kaila found another calling in the US Armed Forces where she served for several years before returning to education. After which Kaila joined ACCORD’s team to put her wealth of service and education to use for the good of the community.
Christy Taylor - Volunteer Coordinator
Christy is a Broome County native who has been actively involved in community outreach for most of her life and has always had a passion for mentoring and helping people through life’s challenges. She attended SUNY Broome and Liberty University to pursue Human Services and Communications but changed paths and received her credentials as a Pastor. She is excited to be the Volunteer Coordinator at ACCORD and looks forward to working with the mediators and staff to offer the best of the peaceful communication and dispute resolution services offered. Christy also looks forward to entering the CASA program as a volunteer.

When not working or volunteering, Christy enjoys doing activities with her family and friends, and being creative in the media world.

Margaret Shea - CASA Program Coordinator
Margaret is a Buffalo, NY native, who originally moved to Binghamton to pursue a degree in Sociology at Binghamton University. After graduating in the midst of COVID, living in between Buffalo and Binghamton, she decided to make the move and call Binghamton her home at the end of 2020. Margaret enjos advocating for human rights and is passionate about the importance of perspective. She is very excited to take on her new role with CASA, and looks forward to becoming a valuable supporter of our Broome and Tioga county families.