Communication and conflict resolution are essential for any organization!

ACCORD offers training for any area business or group and will tailor training to your organization’s specific needs. Effective communication and conflict management skills will build team morale and increase productivity for your group.

Special rates are available for schools and nonprofit agencies. ACCORD also offers an overview presentation of all our services and programs free of charge.

“As an educator for over 30 years, I understand the importance of student success and how this success can largely be impacted by the professionals that serve them. When faculty, staff, and administrators are supported in collegian relationships, they tend to be happier and more successful in their teaching and learning environment, thereby resulting in successful students. Since arriving at my institution less than one year ago, I found two sets of disgruntled employees.

These groups of colleagues, being from separate schools had completely different issues impinging upon their success within their respective schools. Given the severity of these issues, we contracted with ACCORD on two separate occasions to support these groups and it has been my sincere pleasure to work with Moira Osorio and Dick Orth, as they worked to resolve differences and bring the respective sets of colleagues to a place where collegiality and respect were possible.

I have never been through a mediation; however, what I learned as an observer of the process used by Moira and Dick was intense and emotional. Truly, watching my faculty and staff work together, listening and learning from each other, and coming together in consensus was simply amazing. I will be forever indebted to Dick and Moira for their efforts, as I do believe my faculty and staff are in a much better place than where we would be without their interventions. Thank you, Dick and Moira, for your professionalism, and for all of the caring and concern you felt and displayed for my colleagues. You’re the best!!”

To receive more information regarding ACCORD’s training programs, please contact:

Moira Osorio

Program Specialist