Division of Property Mediation / Arbitration

The Division of Property Program is designed for separating/divorcing couples to provide a less divisive alternative to contentious litigation.  Participants have the option of using mediation, arbitration or a combination of the two to assist in settling the distribution of marital assets. 

Divorce mediation/arbitration is typically handled on an expedited basis, meaning less discovery and court procedures than standard litigation. This saves everyone time and money while developing a divorce settlement. Furthermore, dealing with court schedules can prolong the divorce process by months if you choose to go to trial, but an alternative resolution can help cut back divorce waiting periods.

“My experience with the team at ACCORD was outstanding. Everyone I dealt with was incredibly empathetic and did all they could to make a very difficult situation transition smoothly from start to finish. Thank you all so much for your help and support throughout!”

Divorce Mediation Client

Mediation is a confidential, informal process in which a trained mediator helps the disputants negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement. The mediator assists parties in identifying issues, clarifying perceptions, and exploring options in an effort to create an enduring solution.  A formal agreement can be drafted after the mediation.
In arbitration, the case is presented to a neutral party called an arbitrator who, like a judge, has the power to decide what should happen in the case. The arbitrator has power to compel decisions over the objection of one or both parties. The decision is binding. An appeal can be made only if you can prove the arbitrator was biased, made a gross error of law or exceeded the arbitrator’s authority.
Combination Mediation / Arbitration
Participants can attempt mediation first.  If an agreement is not reached in mediation, the case will be sent to arbitration.  If a partial agreement is reached, the remaining items/issues will be referred to arbitration.

Lindsay Tremain

Program Coordinator